Olympics Hit by Crisis Over Iran-Israel Contest

ATHENS (Reuters) – Iran's world judo champion Arash Miresmaeili refused to compete against an Israeli Sunday, triggering a fresh crisis at the Olympic Games where race, creed or color are not allowed to interfere with sport.

A few thoughts:

a) They say this as if Iran had a chance to win anyway. Iran is the "Washington Generals" to Israels "Globetrotters".

b) Yeah!, more medals for Israel!

c) I guess Iranians dont like to fight unless its with someone elses kid with a bomb strapped to them.

d) When losing to an Israeli means you and your family will be fed into meatgrinder at home, you begin to understand his reticence, and in an odd way, you sympathize.

e) This was a simple translation mistake, Iran thought "Judo" translated into the "hostage taking" event, when they disovered that the Israelis get to fight back on equal terms, that changed everything.

f) Now you know how little Israel beat the entire arab world in the six days war.

g) This is the perfect metaphor for the Islamic world " cant compete - wont compete"

h) How long till people stop wanting to compete with Americans?

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What I saw at the HDTV Olympics( Part II)

Second day of the HDTV Olympics, and guess what I saw?
Come on, just guess.....

I saw the same thing I saw last night, over and over again. That's right, the local affiliate has decided to replay the opening ceremonies.

over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Oh wait, it gets better. The local affiliate is only playing one commercial. Oh, they still have commercial breaks every 10 minutes, but they only play one commercial. Oh, its gets EVEN BETTER!.
Guess what the commerical is for? come on guess? pizza? beer? running shoes? cialis? viagra? Pills that stop explosive diahrrea? Cristy Lane?

Nope! its even better.

The local affiliate is only showing one commercial on the HDTV feed, and its.......

It's a commercial for HDTV. Get it? As Alanis Morrisette would say, "isnt that ironic".

That hissing sound you hear is steam coming out of my ears like a special effect in a three stooges episode.

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What I saw at the HDTV Olympics

Five Observations:

1) Apparently theres an obscure Olympic rule that if your country has an active space program, a flag on the moon, 12 Nuclear carrier battlegroups and a profound respect for human rights that you can't wave your own flag at the olympics. You learn something new every day.

2) I'm struck by the fact that we are in the midst of a war that will determine the future of western civilization, and we are gathered the very place that gave birth the the very concepts that we are fighting for today. Thank god the greeks fought for and built their civilization. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

3) While the moslem world strives to lock its women up and turn them into farm animals, our women lead olympic committes that bring the olympics to their countries. Gianna ANGELOPOULOS-DASKALAKI, A hero.

4) I was proud to see Afghanistan and Iraq, but I'm also proud of and for the greeks. Hellas!

5) Now THATS a torch baby!

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The Self Loathing of HDTV

I really want to like HDTV, but its hard. When I was a kid, we moved from LA to Sacramento. To put it mildly, Sacramento is and was a much smaller town than LA. When we arrived, I found that there was only one UHF channel ( Channel 40), and its was, shall we say, light on content. Until 3:00 in the afternoon, They only showed Public Service Announcements, like "take the bus to work, you know you want to!", or "trash, its all your fault!". At 3:00, Cap'n Mitch and his "Cartoon Lagoon" started. At 4:00, two mid 50's sitcoms. at 5:00, the Dinner movie at 7:00, two more sitcoms, then "The Big Movie". after the big movie, it was "The Late Movie", by Midnight, they signed off.

Thats right kids, in the old days Ron Popiel, Christy Lane, and Guthy/Renker didn't rule the late night airwaves, they just turned the damn thing off. Off! can you believe it!

Oh, and if youre wondering about cable? Sacramento didnt get cable till after Leningrad got cable.

HDTV is like UHF channel 40 in 1972. You want to like it, but frankly, theres not a whole lot there.

Now, I love HDTV. My problem is the providers dont PROVIDE HDTV. Content for HDTV is equivalent to the mid '70s UHF channels. Travelogs, an occasional movie, not much. Why do I bring it up now? Because tonight is the start of the Olympics. So, I say to myself "oooh booy! the Olympics in HDTV, that'll be great.

Oh, you dont live in New York or LA? dang. Sorry, No HDTV Olympics for you then.

I get on the phone, 1800-DIRECTV, ask them whats the story on NBC HD. Ha! Unless I live in a city with an NBC "Owned and Operated", I'm hosed. When I say hosed I mean I have to watch the local affiliate.

The thing is, I hate the local affiliate. Local news is whats keeping aliens from visiting earth. You ever watch the news locally? I dont think Saigon saw the kind of chaos and disaster that are reported on the local news nightly. If I have to watch local news, I'd rather watch someone elses local news. I dont care if a school in my town burns down, but if a school goes up in Seattle, Im fixated.

The other thing is, If I use the local affiliate, I have to use the HDTV over-the-air antenna.

Digital Satellite - 500 channels, but to get the crap content of ABC CBS and NBC, I have to use modern style rabbit ears. Now when I say crap content, you have to realize that a big chunk of the weekly HDTV time goes to two shows, both of which are CSI. And forget about using the Tivo, Tivo doesnt record in HDTv, so I have one more indignity to endure. I have to sit and watch the show live commercials and all. Its so degrading. If I want HDTV, I have to (gasp!) sit down and watch the show. I have to remember to be there at a specific time. I feel like my father listening to the Jack Benny show on the family radio in 1944.

I Really like the fact that I spent $1500 for a an HDTV capable TV. I'm ok with the $500 I spent on a directv receiver. I try not to think about the fact that its all for TV shows for which I wouldnt buy the DVDs if they became available.

Help me out here Directv. I really want to be a fan.

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