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Apparently, The "F" Stands For "Fredo"


Today was a low point in American politics and a low point in the prestige of the country. Today, an American Senator skipped a joint session of Congress that was being addressed by a visiting head of state, a Guest of the American people. If that was all that had happened you could say it was a scheduling problem or that an illness had occured, forgiveable and understandable at some human level. Unfortunately, it didn't and it wasn't. 30 minutes after our guest spoke, the Senator, a petty little man, who seems to be getting smaller by the minute, broke with protocol and tradition and chose to dress down the man while he was visiting our country. Our guest is a man who 2 years ago lived under a death sentence, a man who who's life is at risk every day for simply standing in oppositon to those who want to turn his country into a charnel house. He is a man who has put everything at risk for just the hope of a better future.

The Senator did not offer praise for the personal bravery our guest has exhibited. He did not offer to meet with the man, to offer suggestions or even offer any support for his struggle. He just snarled in his little smarmy way and talked the big talk about "needing allies",while showing the Iraqi people that he didn't mean them. To people like the Senator, all Arabs are terrorists, and how foolish we are for thinking otherwise. How foolish we are for thinking that the little brown people of the middle east would want to be free. How foolish we are for trusting the "little wogs".

While the Senator and the Democrats talk the big talk about wanting rights for women and minorities, our guest is doing it, he's doing it while being shot at, while being reviled by many in his own country by many in his religion, and most certainly, he's doing it while being reviled by the leftists around the world and in this country. Leftists, who always scream about their own rights and how they are being violated seem very quiet when the rights of others are in jeopardy. While Democrats talk about "government helping people", our guest is doing it. While the Democrats and the Senator talk about America being an example to the world, our guest is being an example to all of us of grace under pressure, of selflessness, not selfishness, of putting the needs of the many ahead of the pride and desires for power of the one. Our guest could declare himself dictatior tommorow and no one would be surprised. Instead, our guest works against the advice and counsel of the world to bring his country, in the cradle of western civilization into the modern age and civility with the cooling salve of democracy.

When I watched our guest speak to our countries government, I felt a sense of pride, in my country, in our civilization, and I felt a certain pride for our guest. 30 minutes later, I felt a sense of shame that our country could treat this man and his culture so shabbily. When the Senator talked afterwards I was just watching a small man get smaller by using every life event as a chance to bloviate about his great ideas on what he would do for the world 'if only we would let him'. It was as if all that matters to the 'Incredibly Shrinking Senator' is that his craving for attention, his fixation on "the self" is satisfied.

His words, which could be used to elevate, educate and inspire are instead used as indictment against his country and his culture. His words have given strength to those who kill captives by beheading, who deny children the use of bathrooms while they hold them hostage, only to shoot them in the back later. At every opportunity where the Senator has had a chance to be clear about the resolve of this country in the defense of liberty, the Senator has chosen instead to spread confusion, fear, uncertainty and doubt. By doing so, he's put the world at risk. He's given hope to the monsters that our will can be broken and their goals can be met.

Once upon a time, another Democratic Senator from Massachusetts ran his campaign in West Virginia Appalachian country and was inspired to help the people he found there. Todays Democratic Senator from Massachusetts sneers down his nose at the little people who foolishly hold on to their small town values. Once, a Democratic Senator from Massachusetts would say words like " pay any price, bear any burden in the defense of freedom", todays Democratic Senator from Massachusets says "The wrong war, wrong time, wrong way". He offers no plan, no solution, no direction, only critique. Much like the weak screenwriter or incompetent actor who finds great pleasure and validation in becoming a theater critic, the Senator seems incapable of leadership, but finds great pleasure at providing critique for those who show it. What is that phrase we say behind their backs? "Those who can - do - those who cant..."

It would appear that the quality of Democratic Senators from Massachusetts is not a constant in the universe. It would appear that we will not find that the current crop of Democratic Senators from Massachusets being men who will go on to inspire the world. There will be no "let them come to Berlin" moment, no "Ask not what your country can do for you" inspiration leading a generation to take up the cause of freedom around the world.

What I saw happen today was the Senator do something I never expected. The Senator has decided he will not run from the firm liberal traditions of the Democratic party, a party whos theme song was once "happy days are here again", and ran from a solid pro-american positive future platform. The Senator has decided that he will run against the United States of America.

In the movie "the Godfather" is a moment when Michael Corleone tells his brother Fredo to "never take sides against the family". Today, The Senator took sides against the family.

Today, John F. Kerry became John "Fredo" Kerry, and our world is poorer for it. At at time when our world is struggling to survive, the Senator put his own interests ahead of the interests of the country and the world. By saying what he said and the way he said it he's become a smaller man as every day goes by. Every interview, every chance to be a bigger man he's instead shown us all what a small petty creature he is. This could've been an election that showed the world the best in our country , two political parties in open debate both with positive visions of the world to be. Instead, one party openly hopes for failure of the economy, failure of armed services, failure and defeat at every turn. The people who belong to that party are so deep in hate that to show any signs of happiness or joy is seen as potentially being "good for Bush" and thus must be stopped. Shhhh, dont talk about that, It would be good for Bush...

The Senator could stop all of it, he could inspire all of us, but instead he bathes in it. Worse still, he thrives on it. He could do so much, but instead has chosen to do so little. But worse of all, he's chosen to go against the family.

In my opinion, There are a great number of people in the world who dont like Mr. Bush, but I believe there are a great number of people who do respect him. Some out of fear, some out of admiration, some even out of inspiration. I also think there are a great number of people who do like Senator Kerry, but don't actually respect him. They certainly don't fear him, I doubt that even people in his own State admire him and I have yet to find anyone who has been inspired by him.

"Fredo" does not get to lead the family. Despite his best hopes, The Don knew this would be the case.

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Apparently, The "F" Stands For "Fredo"


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You hit the nail on the head with this one. A Kerry policy statement a few days after Bush's UN speech and Allawi's speech would have been appropriate. Saying the President of the United States has no credibility 30 minutes after his UN speech, and calling Allawi a liar immediately after being so enthusiatically received in Congress is abominable.

Kerry acts like an enemy of the United States even as he runs for the highest office in the land. Would Zaqarwi's or bin Laden's press release have been any different?

Kerry is a veil of darkness and despair descending upon us all.

Posted by: Warthog | Sep 24, 2004 5:05:51 AM

You have captured my outrage. It's time for his cohorts to start evacuating this sinking row boat like rats leaving the Titanic.


Posted by: alg | Sep 24, 2004 5:54:31 AM

Smackdown!! =)

Posted by: maestro | Sep 24, 2004 11:27:15 AM

"At a time when our world is struggling to survive, the Senator put his own interests ahead of the interests of the country and the world."

Just as he did in the early 70's. As the French would say:
"plus ca change, plus c'est le memme chose."

Posted by: Oscar | Sep 24, 2004 2:18:19 PM

It's not too hard to believe these sentiments would came from the heads of State of Syria or Iran since they are avowed enemies of the USA and work against establishing a representative government in Iraq. These states seek our failure. Is this a position Kerry now advocates? It's shameful, it encourages our enemies to press on and puts our troops at greater risk because of this reckless behavior.

Posted by: Gary B | Sep 24, 2004 3:03:30 PM

What Kerry is doing is starting to make sense to me. Not the message. His plan.

Kerry has a plan to "win" the WOT that would, he probably truly believes, not leave smoking holes where American cities used to be. He will not come out and define his plan in detail because it would not be acceptable to the majority of Americans. He must therefore use his "superior" intellect to nuance his plan so that security minded Americans will not run away from him.

Kerry is not concerned with dismissing Great Britian, Australia and our other hard, gun-toting allies because those hard allies will be replaced with soft Allies like France, socialist Spain and Kofi's minions who will help Kerry bridge the cultural gap to the Arab/Muslim world. Kerry's Temple University speech provided some clues. He spoke of ending American isolationism and creating a sharing environment. According to Kerry, only by giving up some American wealth, liberty and soverignty, and ending American arrogance can we rejoin the international community.

Kerry would use the US military to hunt down bin Laden or lose any credibility for the rest off the plan. He says that he will hunt down al Qaeda too but other than a few other high profile cohorts I suspect that the ranks of al Qaeda will escape retribution by simply melting into organizations not named al Qaeda. I would have to assume that kissing ass in Syria and Iran would be key elements of Kerry's plan because Kerry has made it clear that Allawi is horse dung and Iraq a worthless diversion. Under the Kerry Plan Syria and Iran will determine the future of Iraq, not the USA and Allawi. The flip side of seeking an Iranian alliance is to trash Saudi Arabia. There can only be one hegemon in the Gulf and Kerry is siding with the mullahs.

In payment to Kerry the mullahs and Assad will reign in Hizb'allah and other Arab militants not under Saudi control complete with public assertions from Muslim clerics that the use of terrorism must be examined or something else that sounded enough like a cease fire to appease Americans. Iran will have to give up something visible on its nuclear program. Israeli newspapers suggest that Kerry is Israel-friendly so I don't know how long he could play both sides of that relationship.

Posted by: Warthog | Sep 24, 2004 3:09:18 PM

Excellent work!!

You have put your finger on exactly what is missing from jfk - character, class and guts.

Thank you.

Posted by: Leelu | Sep 25, 2004 6:52:04 AM

my problem with Bush is exactly what you ascribe to the other side. He's a theocracy. What Bush believes is how it is, don't show us your evidence to the contrary. Surpress the actual numbers. Deny the Science.Lie if necessary.

It's not the best way to run my Country.

Posted by: barry | Sep 26, 2004 6:58:27 PM

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