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What I saw at the HDTV Olympics( Part II)

Second day of the HDTV Olympics, and guess what I saw?
Come on, just guess.....

I saw the same thing I saw last night, over and over again. That's right, the local affiliate has decided to replay the opening ceremonies.

over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Oh wait, it gets better. The local affiliate is only playing one commercial. Oh, they still have commercial breaks every 10 minutes, but they only play one commercial. Oh, its gets EVEN BETTER!.
Guess what the commerical is for? come on guess? pizza? beer? running shoes? cialis? viagra? Pills that stop explosive diahrrea? Cristy Lane?

Nope! its even better.

The local affiliate is only showing one commercial on the HDTV feed, and its.......

It's a commercial for HDTV. Get it? As Alanis Morrisette would say, "isnt that ironic".

That hissing sound you hear is steam coming out of my ears like a special effect in a three stooges episode.

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but it's all HDTV, right? It still trumps my 13" hell.

Posted by: Da Goddess | Aug 16, 2004 11:48:10 PM

Not to rub it in but on a 13 inch tv, its just about 12 pixels in size, but in HDTV ,its a great big engineering marvel that jumps off the screen like a mid 50's scifi special effect.

most of the time the torch is just a big candy dish thats on fire. I like the athens approach.

Posted by: Frank Martin | Aug 17, 2004 12:15:27 AM

At least your local affiliate broadcasts HDTV.

Mine in Cleveland do not. Or at least DirecTV doesn't carry the local channels in HD. However NBC has a nice seperate feed in HD that I've been enjoying. I'd almost swear that I could read the tags in the gymnast's leotards....

Posted by: RPD | Aug 20, 2004 9:31:52 PM

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