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A Good Question With Bad Timing

If Florida is right in the path of most hurricanes and is sure to take some form of significant weather related damage almost annually, why does Florida allow to use "Mobile homes" since the construction methods employed by "mobile homes" has shown repeatedly to not be capable of surviving the weather conditions that are all to frequent in that area.

It's a question to put to the civil authorities and to those who underwrite insurance. It seems to me that you either only allow "mobile homes" constructed to withstand winds in excess of 100 miles an hour or you dont allow people to put their lives and property at risk by allowing them into the state of florida in the first place.

My sympathies for everyone in the path of Hurricane Charley, but if I build a house in the sierra foothills with a "wood shake" roof, I'm not going to get anyone to give me a building permit or fire coverage for my house.

Why? because a wood shake roof in a fire prone area is a disaster waiting to happen.
And so are little tin sheet prefabricated houses on wheels in Florida.

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