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I was born in the first year of John F. Kennedys "New Frontier", my memories of growing up in Southern California during the 1960s are more about the space race than the "turbulent" 60's. As a kid, I really believed that 2001: A Space Odyssey was the future, and that everybody would live in something that looked like the layout of Tommorowland. Now that its 2004, I wonder where we went wrong.

My political life began at a rally by the then California Govenor Jerry Brown-(Democrat), where he annouced that the problems of that time ( high crime, double digit inflation, gas shortages ) were due to the American people expecting too much and thus, we should all "Lower our expectations".

I registered as a Republican for the first time the next day.

I believe we are living in the best time to be alive in the history of the human race.

I believe every generation has to work to improve the cause of Human Liberty by participating in the process of maintaining the concept of liberty.

I believe that the "Road to Utopia" always leads to the ovens of dachau.

I believe I have a right to be offended, and I insist that it be exercised often.

I believe that political office should be sought with the same vigor that jury duty is sought and by the same people.

I believe that 100 people randonly picked from the kansas city phone book would make a better legislature than the top 100 Harvard/Yale graduates.

I believe America is not just a place but an idea as well as an ideal.

I believe America is the last best hope for mankind.


If its flying or airplanes, its an obsession level thing. If its history, I'm interested to the point of distraction. If its technology, I'm probably selling my kids prized possessions to get ahold of it. If its Comedy, Im probably listening to it.