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Now try to remember when you read this, that according to Mickey Kaus and Kevin Drum, the "memogate affair" is supposed to be having a "net negative" effect on the Bush campaign.

Well for Kerrys sake Let's hope so, because at this rate, my "40 states for Bush" prediction is looking a wee bit on the light side! Be aware that many of the States that Bush is up in are States where Bush hasnt spent a dime or visited even once. And remember, Bush is a marathon runner, Bush likes competition, he thrives on it, he looooooves it when you misunderestimate him.

Those of you still working under the belief that "bush is stupid", let me try to explain something to you. There's a game that people play in the south; its called "I'm a big dumb hick". The way it works is you come from out of town , you meet someone who starts the game by acting like a "big dumb hick" you naturally assume you are superior and can take advantage of "Poor Joe Hick" and naturally you let you guard down. At the worst possible time, and the worst possible moment the "big dumb hick " game comes to an end when the person you previously thought to be an extra from "Mayberry RFD", turns out to be the freakin' MBA from Harvard, and suddenly those jokes about inbreeding don't seem quite so funny. You walk away from the game feeling like you got hit in the crotch with a cricket bat.

( Which, approximates the way I think that Democrats will feel on November 3rd. )

After years of working as a software consultant in the south, I learned that when someone starts playing "big dumb hick" , you put your hand on your wallet, keep your back to the wall and make sure you got two ways out of every room you enter with "Joe Hick". My travels in the south taught me that the only dumb people in the South were actually people from the North.

Has it occured to anyone else that the generation that lost Vietnam the first time is now in the process of metaphysically losing it a second time? Was there something in the water when the "greatest generation" came home to breed that helped produce a generation of narcissistic, whiny pathetic and perpetual losers? Is this the true effect of flouridation? I thank God every day I'm not a "baby boomer". Jeezus! do these people need to get over themselves. My only real sadness is I have to listen to them whine and kvetch all the way to their sunshine years, all the while complaining about how awful life has been for them. Hey thanks guys. Thanks for all you left behind for my generation. What a swell bunch of whack jobs you turned out to be.

Only a pack of self-involved idiots would actually think that they should base their whole campaign for executive office on the world that existed 35 years ago. What makes the unibrowed morons at the DNC think anyone can relate to a candidate who's best days occured before refrigerators had the autodefrost feature?

Good Gracious people! Didn't Bill Clinton teach you anything? You had eight years to learn how to work in the modern world. He tried to warn you. He tried to show you. He begged you to listen. Hell, he even called Kerry personally and said "SHUT UP ABOUT VIETNAM, YOU FREAKIN' ANOREXIC SCARECROW...". Did Kerry listen? nope, why? Because like everyone in that generation, you can't tell them anything. They know better, you just wait, they'll show you! ( one tin soldier rides awaaaaayyyyy....)

Bill Clinton looks positively statesman-like by comparison to this pack of morons, and thats really saying something. It's no surprise to me at all that Bill is MIA this year. Who wants to associate themselves with people who "overpromise and underdeliver" year after year after year.

If theres just one reason I want Bush to win, it's so I wont have to hear the word Vietnam ever again. Believe me, I've had my fill over my lifetime of "Fill-in-the-blank-place is just like Vietnam". I think if more people had known we were going to winge and whinny about that freakin place over a whole freakin lifetime, they probably would have said we should have kept fighting it.

You know what I really, really hate about the Kerry 2004 Campaign? It completely ruined one of my favorite movies. I can no longer watch Apocalypse Now anymore without thinking of Kerry.


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Meanwhile, Back at DNC HQ...


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Yikes, you're right. Who would have thought it would get so bad that Clinton would look competent by comparison? They're driving away the younger generations so that all they're left with are boomers that can't relate to the electorate. And they're fast running out of boomers to put up for election. Too bad (for them) their only electable party member gave the keynote address at the opposition's convention this year...

Posted by: Kevin | Sep 16, 2004 4:59:52 AM

I've just thought of the perfect Kerry campagn jingle....

"THis is the end
my only friend, the end."

Posted by: SDH | Sep 16, 2004 7:59:30 AM

As a boomer, I have already apologized to my kids for the whiney, self indulgent, spoiled, noisy, self centered brats that are my generation. It didn't have to be this way. We (large noisy majority) truly believe that WE invented sex, drugs AND rockNroll. As we grow into our dotage we will become more like ourselves. We will never sacrifice or inconvenience ourselves for any others. "We want the world and we want it now" as Jim Morrison said.

Rathergate is an example of how far we will go to prove that an emotional truth needs only the barest semblance of fact to become promoted.

Those who protested THAT war and now protest THIS war do so for the same reasons. Free dope and easy sex. The get-stoned=and-get-arrested gambit is an easy and fairly harmless way to appear brave and get a heros *bonk*. It worked 40 years ago, it will work again. Plus the dope is stronger and still free at the rallies.

Mooching loosers who expect a reward for attendance will not go away. They will be with us until age takes them.

What we have accomplished (we = some parents) is produce a generation that is smarter, better educated, more cynical, less emcumbered by baggage of the past and who face a whole new set of challenges with new tools.

The world is changing. Boomer protestors want to stop the change. That will not happen. The world listens out of respect not out of relevance.

Whether it is the Pentagon's New Map or the Market Nation (techcentralstation), new ideas, new methods and new perspectives are running among us.

It is a new world and most of my fellow boomers are whining about the past. My regret is that I do not have the years left to play at the level where this will be the most fun.

I watch my kids and kibbitz when they ask. There are amazing things happening on a global basis in the future. Technology, politics, geo-politics, economy are just beginning to show their changes.

At the core, we are still all human. We will contnue to make human mistakes. "Your fathers hell, will slowly go by" until you become us.

"The future is already here. It's just unevenly distributed" is a favorite saying. I have had the most fun looking for the future hidden in the noisy now.

It's a game anyone can play. Just shift your outlook from the past to the future

Posted by: Andy | Sep 16, 2004 9:20:03 AM

Ditto and amen to all the above. I was a pre-baby boomer and saw it all unfold. You guys are right (on)! They are the most spoiled generation and so smugly self-righteous.

Posted by: Milan | Sep 16, 2004 10:54:45 AM

I am barely 22 and I realize that our nation has shirked responsibility in the past 30 years or so. We have slowly drifted towards a nanny state and have fostered an entitlement culture. It is time for the counter counter-culture and I am proud to be a part of it.

I am not on the front lines in battle, but I am supporting the cause of our troops and understand it. It is fine for those who hate war to protest it, but some people have gone too far. Saying that the reasons for going to war were wrong is fine, but advancing theories that we did it for material or political gain is counterproductive.

I see that MoveOn has a new ad and I think that it is very distasteful in the sense that it is attempting to use the slain to boost their politics of hate. From what I gather, most of those over there believe in the cause for battle. As do I.

I need to lose a few pounds to join, but it is a long war, and as soon as I am in good shape, I will enlist or join the officer corps. If in battle I wish for those close to me not say "Damn George W. Bush", I wish for them to say "God Bless America".

Posted by: Angelo | Sep 16, 2004 12:42:52 PM

I love playing Big Dumb Hick.

Posted by: Thibodeaux | Sep 17, 2004 6:38:24 AM

I am (thank God) just too old to be a boomer, but I liked this comment from my young niece (about Angelo's age): If these morons are going to dump 30 years worth of their mistakes in our laps and say "please make it go away!!", we will, but they better no go looking to us to spend one (numerous expletives deleted) dime on their retirement!

Posted by: Oscar | Sep 17, 2004 12:15:57 PM

Oscar, your niece is right, that is what the boomers expect. They lived, really, in a Golden Age, economically, and many expect more. It can't continue. I hope the young learn to set the limits the ruling boomer generation hasn't. Also, Angelo, I was touched by your post. Good luck to you, you sound like a great guy.

Posted by: Milan | Sep 17, 2004 4:11:42 PM

Well, I'm a baby boomer, and I have to admit a lot of this criticism is valid..sigh.....My dad was a true WWll hero; and he also served in Korea, and Vietnam. I honored him all the days of his life; and honor all veterans. Angelo, I have children your age; and you may be the greatest generation of all. So maybe we did something right!! I salute you all (I'm a vet, too). Bless you.

Posted by: Tanya | Sep 18, 2004 11:03:44 AM

We right wing boomers sometimes get a little tired of being lumped in with the left wing boomers. It was not easy opposing the pricks since they were dug in like ticks and lice in the press, the schools, and government agencies. Until talk radio and the internet started fumigating things progress was achingly slow, defeats were many, so it sometimes seemed like a slide into disastor.

Posted by: toad | Sep 18, 2004 12:10:51 PM

Wonderful article. I have tried to explain the Big Dumb Hick game before and never seemed to get it quite right. It is a part of southern culture and we do so love it but with all the southerners in the DNC one would think they would be on to it by now! Is it vanity that prevents their seeing the Bush could not be as dumb as they perceive and hold degrees from both Yale and Harvard? Ah, the drawl fools them everytime I suppose.

I have also thought several times that a great deal of Bush's campaign stratedy came from the old tales of Brer Rabbit as in "Please don't throw Me in that Briarpatch" and Tarbaby. Did Karl Rove's mother read these to him as a child? More southern strategy there than meets the eye. Also recall Huckleberry Finn pretending to like to paint the fence to get others to do it for him. Congressmen seem suceptible to the same psychology as well.

Enjoyed the article.

Posted by: Amelia | Sep 18, 2004 5:15:05 PM

Are you all set for Armageddon? BushCo is trying to fast track it. Look at his mideast policies. Bush is a Evangelical Christian that believes in the "End of days" and he's trying to get it started.

Over 1000 soldiers killed and 7000+ wounded, many lost body parts. Have you read the 9/11 Report? "No credible evidence."

Saddam wasn't a problem, Afghanistan was.

Why is it that Halliburton was able to obtain 'no bid' contracts?

No child left behind? Every year that Bush has been if office the school districts here have had to cut millions out of their budgets. On top of Bush under funding it and cutting millions from it.

Why did Kerry vote against the 87 Billion? Because in that bill there were provisions for Halliburton to make Billions.

Kerry wanted to cut the military budget? Cheney voted for the same cuts and even deeper cuts.

Look, open your eyes and ears. Read foreign media sites and see how they report the news. Check Canadian or UK sites.






Posted by: Frank | Sep 20, 2004 2:36:32 AM

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Posted by: sammi | Feb 2, 2009 1:19:04 PM

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