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What does a "blogger" look like?


The picture is from a series of paintings that were created during World War II. Norman Rockwells "The Four Freedoms" give a graphic interpretation to what was the real reason we were being asked to sacrifice so much of our lives and property.

The man, a common every day joe, is standing and speaking his mind in a town hall meeting. He is standing and speaking without fear of retribution, from either his neighbors or his government.

The freedom to speak is a simple idea and a fundamental truth within the civilized world. The painting is that of a miracle in human history, captured with oils on canvas. With the rise of blogosphere, normal people are confused as to what a "blogger " is or what we look like. Are we an evil cabal of "right wing crazies", the new milleniums version of the "Montana Militia", the "Digital David Koreshes", out to take over the minds of the children like some "silicon svengalis"?

No. Were 'just folks", nothing more, nothing less.

This painting is what a "blogger" looks like. We are just people, average joes( and josephines), having our say on the affairs of the world without fear from neighbors or our government. The only difference between ourselves and the man in the painting is that the method for speaking our minds has moved from the cold wooden walls of the Elks Lodge to the cold wiring of the internet.

As they say in the street theater protests " This is what a Democracy looks like...".

I couldn't agree more.

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What does a "blogger" look like?


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