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Kerry Book "The New War" I - First Pass


Breaking My ' No Kerry ' Pledge

Today, I found a copy of a book written by Kerry in 1997 - The New War.. It is a book on terrorists. Imagine that, A book on terrorism that Kerry wrote well in advance of 9/11 and I haven't heard a word about it.

Now, The last time I read a book that involved Kerry, I snapped and wrote the "Farewell John Kerry' piece. I haven't heard of this book before, nor have I heard anyone from inside or outside the Kerry camp comment on how 'in 1997 I said in my book: the new war "blah,blah,blah..." This gets my interest up. I wonder if the whole Vietnam riff is just a smokescreen to cover up some really dumb things that he may have said about the 'war on terror'.

So I will break my pledge for this effort only and provide a breakdown of what the book has to say.

Blog entry to follow as soon as I read to completion.

Update I: In the preface , page 1, sentence 2 - He mentions that he was in Vietnam. Unbelievable. I'm begining to wonder if this is going to be a book level fisking. The hardest part of reading this is trying to keep his monotonous voice out of my inner dialog while I'm reading it. I will try to channel Richard Kiley or Charlton Heston( or maybe Jacques Cousteau...).

Update II: Oh good lord. It's worse than I thought.

194 pages. The word "I" starts almost every sentence. pray for me.

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Breaking My ' No Kerry ' Pledge


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Thanks god you dropped the pledge. Kerry is just too fun a subject....

Posted by: Eric | Sep 10, 2004 10:18:31 PM

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