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Iraq: It's not for us.


Anyone Got the Link?




I've been hearing alot about the need for an 'exit plan' for Iraq. I decided I might help the President by spending my valuable broadband allotment looking up previous 'exit plans' on the internet. In particular, I thought I'd look up what the Democrats have offered in the past in the way of "exit plans' for their wars.

After half a day of google-banging, I can't find any sort of "plan" from any one of these guys!

Wilson runs on a campaign slogan of "He Kept us out of war". He then turns right around and sends us off to Europe. He hardly had a plan to get in the war, much less get out of it.

I'll be darned if I can find any actual plan that FDR put up in 1941 when he entered into the war. Roosevelt and Truman may have "won the war" but they clearly failed to win the peace because they failed to have an exit strategy. One that included our allies, the Soviet Union. Why did it take a full 2 years after the so called "end of the war" in Europe to propose the "Marshall Plan"? A plan that entitled the famers and businessmen of the former regime in Germany to better benefits than the farmers of Kansas. It also appears that he didn't even bother to ask our allies Like France and the United Kingdom to help fund this program, which is as arrogant and unilateral. Why did Presidents Roosevelt and his "Selected, not Elected" heir apparent Vice-President, Mr. Truman go out of their way to not get help from our allies, like the Soviet Union? A truly enlightened President would have not asked the entire burden of rebuilding Europe and Japan to fall on the backs of the American Taxpayer.

Truman lets our situation in Europe degrade to such a low point that our military forces were forced to fly food into Berlin, rather than work with our allies in the Soviet Union. While America thought nothing of sending arms to the Soviets during the war, they didn't raise of finger to help our former allies, the russian people, after the war.

Worse still, Truman tries to distract us, to take our minds off the fact that Hitler hadn't been captured in Germany, he engages in a war against a country on the other side of the planet, that was never a threat to the United States. Yes its true that Truman went to the UN to get aid, but he neglected to get the approval of our greatest friend in the Second World War, the Soviet Union.

And yet, despite all my searching I can't find any plan to win the peace in Korea. I also found that we still have troops in Korea! So many years! When will we win the peace?

It seems to me that the unilateral actions and foolish foreign policies of Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman is what has lead to the current state of anti-americanism that is sweeping the world. It's no wonder we fell into a needless and unneccessary "cold war" with such a foolhardy foreign policy.

UPDATE: I forgot to put my editor in "snark-mode=off" when I typed this. Sorry.

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Posted by: Brent Michael Krupp | Sep 17, 2004 8:37:44 PM

I think you may need to get the new improved snark module. That was a much too staid and sober appraisal.

Posted by: Oscar | Sep 19, 2004 7:38:48 AM

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