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Life Magazine: Summer 1972

I've just spent some time reading through the summer of 1972 in old copies of Life magazine.
First issue - August 25 1972. Republican First Lady Pat Nixon on the cover.
Second Issue September 15th 1972 - Israeli kidnappings and murder an the Munich Olympics.

According to these magazines, Summer of 1972 we had :

Olympics (Munich - "West" Germany)

A Controversial incumbent republican president (Nixon) running for re-election against war hero liberal democrat.(Mcgovern)

War (Vietnam)

How many pages do you think are dedicated to the war in both issues of this magazine? How many pages are dedicated to the wild eyed hatred of the Americans overseas? How many talk about Nixon in terms of "hitler-like"?

This is 150 huge pages of journalism, written by the cream of the liberal media crop at the top of their game.

come on, just take a guess......

Just 4. One article by Ramsey Clark on our bombing of the North Vietnamese, on reading the article its clear that Mr. Clark never visted Dresden, he seems to think that "bombers" is just a great nickname for a Kansas City Womens Professional Roller Derby team. He seems genuinely surprised to find that when a squadron of B-52 salvoes its payload, that things break and people die for miles around. There is a minor mention in one article about the hip new talk show called "The Dick Cavett show" that talks about how a somewhat lesser known character, known as a "Mr. Kerry" being taken apart by 'his enemies' on the show( gee, I wonder how that all turned out?). In the September 15th issue the only "letters to the editor' that discuss the war are in response to the "Ramsey Clark" article.

Thats it, Vietnam, the most controversial war of all time rates just four pages, in two issues at the very time its being fought.

How is it that the Vietnam war seems to be getting more press in 2004, than it was getting in 1972?

Update: Further analysis of these magazine issues also has revealed that based on the advertising levels seen within them - that Americans of 1972 drank only the hardest of alcohol, smoke cigarettes like chimneys, drive only really big cars made exclusively in some place called "Detroit". There are also repeated references to a device known as a 'record player' and a "hi-fi", which seem to be very popular, although their exact purpose seems to be lost in the mists of time.

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Life Magazine: Summer 1972


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I might be wrong, but my Grampa told t=me that the "record player" was basically the MP3 player of it's day, but the files weren't quite as compressed, or something like that. The "hi-fi" I am not sure of, but I think was one of the original machines that was used to deliver the Internet. The Internet at that time was not delivered through wireless recievers, but I believe it was delivered by truck and dropped off at the front door every morning, a long with milk and stuff. The "hi-fi" was the box they delivered it in.

..... I think.

Posted by: Andrew X | Aug 30, 2004 12:46:44 PM

I'll have you know that I just took my turntable in for repairs last Friday. Had it for 20 years, expect to have it for 20 more.

Damn kids nowdays...

Posted by: Will Collier | Aug 30, 2004 1:10:18 PM

Well done, varifrank. One difference between the press of 1972 and today's press is that many of the movers and shakers of today made their journalistic reputations opposing the Viet Nam war (or, a little later, bringing down a presidency).

By the way while you're browsing check out what they're eating!

Posted by: Dave Schuler | Aug 30, 2004 1:12:32 PM

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